Seagrove Stoneware Inn & Pottery

What we ask of the apprentice:

We ask for a 2-year commitment. During this time, the apprentice will live and work in an environment that teaches practical, creative skills and provides them with a real world experience to become successful in the ceramic field. Work schedule will be from 9am to 5pm daily, Monday through Friday. Part of the day will consist of the labor necessary to operate our facility such as: mixing clay, mixing glazes, loading/unloading kilns, grinding pots, maintaining kiln room, kiln furniture, gallery maintenance and special projects. The other part of the day is designed for the apprentice to learn and practice technical skills, making studio piecework, throwing and finishing. All pieces produced under the supervision of Seagrove Stoneware are the property of Seagrove Stoneware. The daily schedule may vary depending on production demands and special projects. Your concentration will be in our gas, reduction, high firing methods and decorating techniques. It is necessary for the apprentice to be in good physical condition and able to lift at least 50 pounds over head and 100 pounds off the ground. As an apprentice you will become an integral part of our operation and part of our daily family life too. We ask that you are respectful to our home, business and surroundings. Any adverse behavior or disrespect will result in dismissal.

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Our Program

Our apprenticeship program is designed for a young person with some clay experience and/or education, who wants to learn how to become a full-time working ceramic artist. As our apprentice you will have the opportunity to live and work in an environment that operates solely for the purpose of creating and selling functional and decorative ceramics. 

Our Facility

Seagrove Stoneware is one of the premier potteries located in downtown Seagrove, North Carolina pottery capital of the United States. Seagrove is a community of over 100 working potters, the home of the North Carolina Pottery Center, Carolina Bronze Foundry and a tourist destination for people who have an enthusiastic appreciation for the pottery craft. In addition, Starworks, a center for creative crafts, is in the nearby community of Star offering weekend workshops in ceramics, glass and metal. Our two-acre facility is on the corner of Main Street in downtown Seagrove and consists of our own retail gallery, our house which we operate as a bed & breakfast and our studio. There is also a kiln room and other storage buildings. We produce functional and decorative stoneware pieces. We mix our own clay body and use custom glazes. Our gas reduction firings result in vibrant colors and deep copper reds.

What we provide:

We will provide the apprentice with a private studio apartment on the second floor of our house. The apartment has a separate entrance, kitchen and private bath. A work space and wheel in the clay studio, and a monthly stipend. Some meals are provided. Access to vegetable garden in exchange for working in the garden. Apprentice will learn our gas, reduction, high firing methods, wheel turning and decorating techniques. Apprentice has access to the studio for their own use on their own time. Apprentice has access to the Seagrove community of over 100 experienced potters for networking. We will also teach the skills to market and sell your own work at national shows and events. This includes building a marketing portfolio, the show application process, selling skills and booth design. With dedication and commitment, the apprentice will leave with the knowledge and skills to be an independent working clay artist. 

We are not hiring an apprentice at this time. Please complete the info below and we will keep on file for our next program.