Seagrove Stoneware Inn & Pottery

136 West Main StreetSeagroveNC 27341, USA

The Inn is open year-round.

Reservations are required.

Call: 336-707-9124

We specialize in taking care of our guests. Relax after a day of pottery shopping in one of our spacious rooms. Make yourselves at home in the cozy guest living room or unwind on the porch. Our Inn reflects our eclectic taste and is comfortably decorated with an artistic style that features original artwork and pottery from across the country.

From $135
per Night

Alexa Modderno & David Fernandez

B & b Owned & Operated by Potters:

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The Inn

We offer studio tours, handmade pottery demonstrations and as our guests you can enjoy your own hands on pottery experience.

136 West Main Street, Seagrove, NC 27341, USA





Gallery Hours Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm - Sun 11am - 4pm

or Call for appointment